Tag Archives: 10/9/10. Planted new garlic today and will add about 4 inches of compost next week. We will order mushroom compost from Tacoma compost.

garlic update

We had a great harvest of garlic this year and now have taken all the dirt off, removed the leaves and placed the heads in seperate mesh bags. We allowed the garlic to hag in a dry cool place for about 6 weeks before we removed the leaves and roots.

Found the bags at Whole foods and they are made of cotton so should keep the garlic dry and free of mold. I have seperated the types and will report as we start to use each type.

Buying garlic:

A good web site is Peaceful Valley at,  groworganic.com, some of the best types are as follows.

Purple Italian, Georgian Fire, Purple Glaze, California Early White, Music and Metechi. Each one of these types has a different flavor and size clove.  It is close to the time to plant your new garlic so order now and enjoy next fall.


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