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Skiing in Austria, Lech and Zürs

On February 1 we flew to Zurich and boarded out first of 3 trains to arrive in Lech and our welcome hotel, THURNHER ALPENHOF. The breakfast at this lovely hotel was great and we had a dinner here on our first evening and the food and service was perfect. To our surprise it was pouring down rain when we arrived and much to our disappointment it rained for the next 36 hours.

We had 9 of us skiing and 2 guides to help us navigate these massive ski areas. Guide Lucas Pisoni, was young and had great energy for a group of older folks that love to ski. He brought another guide, Gerrard, that was older and willing to guide us with care through the maze of runs. After the rain we had a snow storm dumping 30 inches of new powder on the mountain and in town.

We were staying in Zurs, but took the free bus back and forth to Lech. Lech is about 15 minutes drive from Zürs and you will find great restaurants and wonderful shopping. We had lunch at Hotel Austria after stopping by DORF METZGERI, an amazing deli serving homemade bead and smoked or roasted meats. Since we had not made reservations for lunch we had to come back the next afternoon, across the street from the ski mountain.

Having dinner at HUS 8 in Lech

HUS 8 served raclette and fondue, so fun and when we came out to catch the bus back to Zurs it had started to snow. Finally the clouds were parting but we did not ski again that next day. A change of pace, that night when we headed back to Lech for Asian dinner at FUX.

The sun came out and the hundreds of runs were groomed and the powder skiing could not be beat. We met for lunch in Lech at a beautiful restaurant, MURMELI located in a small hotel on the mountain.

After a great day of skiing we went to dinner in Zurs at a crazy cabin, FLEXENHAUST, they served a set menu of meat fondue, followed by loud crazy music, dancing and sparklers whirling in the hand of all the guests. We left earlier than most of the other diners, our cab driver told us often guests stay into the early morning dancing and drinking.

The next day was perfect sunshine and half way through the day we needed a great lunch. Our guides took us to FUXBAU at the bottom of the mountain. Our lunch was great, the best steak tartar with homemade bread. Great day after a slow start to the week.

One dinner we had at THE POST HOTEL was not great, slow service in a big well lit space. Over all our visit to Lech and Zurs was wonderful and we would go back every year.

Traveling to Lech and Zurs is hard to get to, but worth the effort. We caught the train in the airport in Zurich. It is about a 3 1/2 train trip with several changes. One of our group flew into Innsbruck and had a car and driver pick them up to bring them to our hotel. The third couple drove from Venice and skied in a couple of resorts on their way to Lech. They had rented a car and there was a huge drop off charge so they had a long drive back to fly out of Venice.

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Four days exploring Copenhagen

We arrived in Copenhagen with friends on a side trip after a week in Turkey on the boat we had chartered before. It was our first time in Denmark so we acted like real tourist. We checked into newly remodeled hotel NYHAVN 71, located on the canal and street Nyhavn. The hotel is written up in many magazines and publications, but just know that the rooms are very small with little or no place to put anything. We took a suite which did give us a little more room, two little drawers and a single rod for hanging things.

We arrived late afternoon so settled in and had an early dinner at a lovely restaurant, PALAEGADE, AT PALAEGADE 8, walking distance from the hotel. The menu was small but the fish was served simple and delicious. Good wine list and beautiful salads and desserts.

The next morning we were met by our guide for a walking tour of the city. Our guide, Anita Page,, spoke perfect English since she had spent some years living in the U.S.. Anita gave us a great overview of the palaces where the queen and family lives and the history of the whole area. She explained how the water ways worked for shipping today and for hundreds of years past. The culture of Copenhagen’s bicycles, about the many taxes the people of Denmark pay and how the new buildings are playing into Copenhagen today. She did a great job of helping us understand in just 3 hours the many parts of the city we should visit and why.

The cities marathon was happening, plus it had started to rain so we headed to lunch. The hotel “D’Angleterra” has a 1 star restaurant, MARCHAL, I had read great reviews, but did not take into account that it was Sunday brunch and the very fancy crowd left us only seats in their beautiful bar. We had a great lunch with a glass of rose as we watched the rain fall outside and the runners go past. The area just behind the hotel is a very upscale shopping area and perfect for walking and exploring. Since the streets in this area are closed to traffic and the hundreds of bikes going past you can walk and shop with ease. This is a city made for walking, bike riding and getting around by boats, we logged over 18,000 steps by 3 pm and it was time for a rest.

We had dinner a couple doors down from the hotel since it was raining and a friend had recommended a small place called HUMMER. The beautifully painted buildings on one side of the street and the canal on the other, with no car traffic, makes for perfect place to sit outside on nice days and evening enjoying local cuisine. We shared fresh oysters to start and whole grilled lobsters to follow. Nyhavn Street is busy all day and evenings with tourists, school children eating ice cream and parents walking with babies in buggies.

We were up for an early breakfast in the hotel and off for a canal tour on a small boat run by the company called HEY CAPTAIN. You meet the boat behind the hotel on the main canal. The guide was young and made our tour with 5 other guests informative and making sure we were warm with blankets as he toured us through small side canals and the large main water way running through the city.

When we got back to the hotel it was starting to rain again so we took a cab to an area called TORVEHALLERNE, of course I must visit the food halls of every city. There are two glass building with small stands offering all types of local cuisine, flowers, candy and wine. We found a place to sit and shared small tastes of their famous sandwiches, smorrebord, fresh local oysters and a duck confit sandwich.

We had to take a quick side trip to see the very famous LITTLE MERMAID bronze statue. She is sitting on a rock welcoming guest to the city through the harbor. She was brought to life through a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale.

Our dinner this evening was an amazing delight. We made reservations before coming at the 1 star restaurant KIIM KIIM, a set menu of Thai cuisine that you will want to never end. We were greeted with a warm welcome and seated downstairs at a low table where our waited told us about the first part of our evening journey. We were presented 8 different small tastes, each presented beautifully on a different plate or vessel. To our surprise the owner stopped by and told us about his personal journey to creating not just this restaurant but 18 other concepts, including one in Bangkok.

We were then taken upstairs to our table where the dinner portion of the evening began each of the following 8 courses were accompanied by a different wine chosen to complement the course. This was one of the most memorable meals I can remember, if you ever have a chance be sure to go to KIIN KIIN.

The next day we went to the Design Museum of Copenhagen, amazing how many of the chairs and dishes came from Danish design. We had a light lunch of local fish and chips and headed to the Christiania area, made famous during the 60’s and 70’s as the area that the hippies would hang out in. Today it is much the same as it was back then with young people selling small amounts of hash and pot at little make shift stands. This area is about 25 acres where many hippies of all ages still live and play music. Marijuana is not legal in Denmark, but this area seems to exist despite the laws.

We headed home because once again the wind and rain was coming. Dinner this evening was at a fish restaurant THE PESCATARIAN,, this is less than a year old and doing a fine job. You choose from 4,6, or 8 course menu with our without matching wines. The food was interesting and beautifully served by a couple of young well trained waiters. We took the 6 courses and the wine pairings, there was plenty to eat and the lovely breads and homemade butter served on a Stone was a perfect start.

The next morning we check out, stored our luggage and since it was raining hard we decided to take the hop on hop off bus to see what parts of the city we missed. We did hop off at their Danish Museum and wandered through their galleries for a couple of hours. I often take the HOP ON HOP off tour the first morning I arrive in a city that I have not visited before. It is a great way to get an overview of a city and know what areas you will spend time in during your visit.

We took a late afternoon flight to London where we spent the night at the Sofitel Hotel in terminal 5. Anytime we are close to London for a night we take the underground into Paddington station. (Be sure to take the express train) other wise the local make about 15 stops and take a full hour. We had a fun dinner at KERRIDGE’S BAR AND GRILL, a very upscale English style bar with true English food at its best. I had the best fish and chips ever. Then we just grabbed an Uber back to the hotel.

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Return to Dubai after several years

Carl and I flew to Dubai on our way to Jordan. We flew Emirates from Seattle nonstop to Dubai. It is hard to believe you can fly half way around the world in 14 hours. Emirates will pick you up at your home if you are flying business class and then after you collect your luggage in Dubai they drive you to our hotel, in our case, The Taj Dubai.

We met several friends in the lobby and just ate a lovely Chinese dinner in the hotel, great food but very noisy. We arrive at 7:30pm so no time to go out. After a good night sleep our driver picked us up, we booked with Viator, owned by Trip Advisor. Our guide took us for a full tour of the city, including a trip to the old city and spice market. I always buy black pepper and saffron from one of the vendors, of course there are many hawkers trying to persuade you into their shop so take your time and trust your guide. After a simple walk through the gold market and people watching we headed to the grand mall. Each mall has a special attraction, this one had the largest aquarium and is located at the base of The Burj.

We had made arrangements in advance for tickets to the top of BURJ KHALIFA, It is a quick one minute up 126 stories to the observation deck. Since we had a time slot on our ticket the line was only about 20 minutes. It is hard to believe that just since 1967 a full city has emerged from the sand desert. The view of the entire city is available from the top, looking out at the hundreds of new high rises and cranes, you wonder who is going to occupy all that space.

We then did a quick tour of the Palm where the Atlantis hotel is located and wandered along the water front. Realizing that this too had been created from dredging the sea. There is no history here only new buildings and memories from the people that were living here before 1967. Our tour operator was from Holiday Adventures and gave us a wonderful full day tour explaining how the city was laid out and what was being built now. They work 24 hours a day building since the trucks and supplies can not be brought in during the day, to much traffic and congestion will happen at every turn.

After 6 hours in a car we decided to eat in the hotels Indian restaurant and were not disappointed. Up early the next morning for a tour of Abu Dhabi, about an hour plus drive. Our first stop was THE GRAND MOSQUE, the largest mosque in the country. We toured the whole mosque with many others, but it is self guided so you go at your own pace. It is hard to believe what has been built, all the white stone and marble, in lays of colored stone forming flowers up the amazing columns. This is a must if you go to Dubai.

Leaving the mosque after over an hour long tour we headed out to drive past the Emirates Palace stop for a few photos and then on to THE HERITAGE VILLAGE AND the small museum inside. This is just a recreation of what life was like before the discovery of oil. We did stop at a local restaurant serving traditional food, nothing fancy. There was not time to visit the famous museum that have opened their doors in Abu Dhabi. It was another hour and half ride home and we were in need to rest after 7 hours in a car.

After a quick change of clothes we got an UBER back to the base of The Burj for a great dinner at “BICE MARE”. This restaurant serves lovey fresh fish with a view of the BURJ where they do an over the top light show up the sides of The Burj with a music and water show right in front of you. We sat outside on the patio overlooking the man made lake where the water show happens every 30 minutes.

We packed as much as possible in the 2 days, but had a great overview of what Dubai is today, who knows what tomorrow will be like.

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Madrid, Spain revisited

As many times I return to Madrid I always experience something new. In mid September I took Carl’s two daughters for their first visit to this amazing city. We arrived and checked into a small hotel I have stayed in before, Catalonia at Atocha 36. There are several hotels owned by The Catalonia group. This is a smaller property off Plaza Mayor. I think the location of the hotel puts it in easy walking distance to all the important sites.

We headed out to explore, stopping for tapas lunch at Mercado San Miguel, a couple blocks from Plaza Mayor. This is one of my favorite stops for everything Spanish when it comes to food. Wander through the food stalls and buy little plates of everything from olives, sliced iberico ham and sliced fruit. Grab a glass of local wine and little pieces of anchovies on bread.

From the Mercado we walked down to the Palace Real, the kings palace. If you want to tour the palace get tickets in advance the line was long. Back to the hotel for a rest before we had a light dinner sitting outside at Plaza Santana, just a couple of blocks from the hotel. This plaza is home to several outdoor restaurants. We chose Tabernacle Vina and enjoyed several simple plates of grilled vegetables, sausages and the iberico ham, of course a bottle of local wine to complement the food.

Then off to see the late show of Flamenco at “casa Patas”, there are several flamenco shows, but this is a small space very close to the hotel and has good dancers.

Just as a reference I had also stayed just up the street from our hotel at Catalonia Puerta Del Sol. This is owned by the same group and a larger hotel, however I think the rooms were newer and brighter at our smaller hotel.

We were up early the next day and headed to the Prado museum for a tour of the collection of Spanish art in the older part of the museum. Always a must for anyone not just on your first visit, but every visit. We grabbed a taxi and joined friends at a amazing restaurant outside to town in an area called FUEN CARRAL, the restaurant is called “Filandon” 917343826. Filandon is a beautiful property, you will not see tourists at this place. If you go order the fish the serving is more than generous to share.

After our lunch we headed back to town and a short nap before we headed out for the next surprise. CHOCOLATERIA SAN GINES, at Pasadizo de San Gines 5, this 100 year old shop is famous for serving chocolate as thick as pudding with Cairo’s for dipping. A must visit!
It always seems that the more you explore the more discoveries, we walked to the neighborhood called Malasana where we discovered “Mercado San Ildefonso” a 3 story building filled with little food stalls each one more inviting than the last. The street, Calle Fuencarral, offered an assortment of great small shops with many local products. The girls headed out to see their first bull fight while I took a well deserved rest. src=”” class=”size-medium alignright wp-image-1553″ width=”4032″ height=”3024″>

We had a late dinner close to the hotel at ” El Barril de Las Letras”, Cervantes 28, good choice in a new upscale space. I had a perfect steak tartare, the girls had their steak grilled, and we shared 2 large grill red prawns with a little side salad of local tomatoes.
We ventured out early and had a nice breakfast at La Terraza in Plaza Santana then it was time for shopping in the upscale area. The main street of Serrano offers every high end stores with every beautiful thing you could dream of wearing. Serrano street is a few blocks from the museums and high end hotels. Since we were in walking distance we went to visit the Monet exhibit at The Thyssen museum. Our lunch was simple tapas in the courtyard of Plaza Mayor.
Dinner at Tabernacle Laredo, Calle Doctor Costello 30, is always good. I had a salad with little shrimp and a plate of rabbit ribs cooked to a crispy finish, perfect. The bar is casual with young people sharing small plates and the dining room upstairs is bright and has a bigger menu and great wine list.

There is a new hotel I would like to try sometime—GRAN HOTEL INGLES, Calle Echegaray 8.
A couple of restaurants I wanted to go back to but did not reserve in advance so ran out of time. CASA BENIGNA, great paella and rice dishes. Another is LA TASQUERIA de JAVI ESTAVEZ, Calle Duque de Sesto 48.

Next morning we headed for Barcelona and a new hotel for me, MUR MURI, in a very up scale neighborhood away from the busy tourist area. The hotel also has several apartments that can be rented just around the corner. I did see the two bedroom until and it was great for a family or 2 couples.
We arrived later in the afternoon and just headed out to explore. That evening we had a 9pm reservation at an A+ restaurant called, “WINDSOR” located a few blocks from the hotel, Corsega 286. We shared several dishes featuring local mushrooms since this is their mushroom season. They offered a good wine list and each course was better than the last. We were seated in a courtyard in the back full of amazing plants and flowers.
We did all the basic Gaudi tourist things, remember to buy your tickets on line before going to Basilica of Sagrada Familia. We did not have any problem getting tickets at Casa Bitilo, the house designed by Gaudi and this was one of the girls favorite sites.
We headed to La Boqueria for a late lunch at “BAR CENTRAL”, located in the back of the Boqueria. We ordered plates of razor clams, long thin stirfried clams. The girls had chocolate crepes for desert at another stand and we bought nuts and Spanish saffron at the spice stall. There are many different qualities of saffron so do you homework.
Then continued wandering the old town, visit to the Picasso museum, here again best to get tickets on line before you go. There are plenty of fun shops to visit as you wander through the Gothic area, old town.
Take time to walk on the beach and along the port. There are many little restaurants to stop in have a few olives and pitcher of sangria late afternoon while you watch all the beach activity.
We went up to Gaudi’s gardens for sunset, but the top area is under construction so everyone was crowded into half of the courtyard. The next time you are in Barcelona it should be finished and ready for your visit.
Our last day was just a trip back to the Boqueria for the last look and to buy some Iberico ham that has been vacu sealed so we could bring it home. After so many tapas bars we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at the beautiful Mandrin Hotel on our way back to our hotel. The Mandrin’s restaurant for lunch is so open and cool after walking in the heat of the day. That night we had dinner at “Bardot”, Eric Grwmados 147, a small restaurant close to the hotel with a perfect outdoor seating area in a courtyard shared by several restaurants..
Every time I have the opportunity to visit these cities I find new and exciting places that I look forward to returning again.
Sounds like all we did was eat but I think that is one of the things you will find the Spaniard love to do. Remember dinner after 9 or you will be alsone in most fine restaurants.

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Couple of days in New York with Joanne Weir

Why do we go to NY over and over? The shopping, the restaurants, a great show or tour of another exhibition at one of the many museums.

Joanne Weir asked me to join her for a couple of days to attend a conference about food, new cookbooks, and how the public communicates about food in 2018 and beyond. Understanding the internet and understanding what is next in food trends. The past 10 years has changed where a person cooking finds their recipes. Do they watch a video on how to chop an onion? Pull up an Instagram post on how a dish in the hot new restaurant looks or go to a recipe site to fine 15 versions on how to make Mac and cheese? We know that people are still buying cookbooks, reading publications either on line or hard copy and sharing their new discovery of the best way to roll out pie dough.

Along with the many hours of all the information we were taking in, we also had to sneak away to share a special meal. We arrive a day early so we could explore some of our old haunts. We checked into the Midtown Hilton, since that was where the IACP conference was being held. Dropped our bags and headed out to a new Spanish restaurant, TOMINO TABERNA, 192 Grand Street. Tomino is only a few months old and making a name for its self. They offer small plates of perfect Spanish tapas. We loved the little sausages served on a skewer in a cast iron pan that is flaming as it is placed in front of you. The service is excellent and the owner, Phil, was on hand to make sure everything was to our liking.

The next morning was our free time to head out and start exploring. We headed to Chelsea Market, this is a must for any foodie. We first stopped at DIZEN GOFF, the best hummus you will ever eat. Served with fresh out of the oven pita and a selection of sides, we chose the pickled beets and harissa carrots. Go early because it gets busy and there are only a few stools to sit on. Then we began wandering through the market, next stop LOBSTER PLACE, as you enter you see one of the largest selections of fresh shucked oysters in front of you. Choose one or ten set in front of you to savor with just the correct topping or just a squeeze of lemon. Toward the back they are serving whole steamed lobsters and a huge array of fresh fish of every kind to take home. You can find any type of food from around the world here so plan to just wander and sample to your hearts content.

Since we were in the area it was a short walk to Soho and a little shopping. We went to one of Joanne’s favorite shops, MORGANE LeFAY, they have beautiful selection of simple dresses and jackets that will please everyone, 464 Broome Street. Time for a glass of wine and light snack before we return for the first event at the conference.

Great stop in Soho is always THE MERCER KITCHEN, 99 Prince Street. The main floor as you enter has a coffee shop busy with late afternoon tea, wine and small desserts. We headed downstairs where it is cozy on a rainy afternoon, sharing a glass of wine and small veggie plate was the perfect way to finish our afternoon adventure.

We spent the next couple of days learning how to create a better video blog, write and photo graph a winning cookbook or bone a duck. The next food trends and where prepackaged food and meals are going. One afternoon Joanne and I did sneak out for a perfect bowl of noodles at KUNGFU KITCHEN in Time Square, 610 8th ave. They also have one in HELL’s Kitchen, 811 8th Ave. This was a great find for one of the best bowls you can have. I had the spicy beef with hand shaved noodles and Joanne had the veggie hot pot with chicken. They also had a nice selection of dumplings and bows, make time to go.

Later that night we went a couple of blocks away to MOMO FUKU, 15 West 56th Street. You will go down the steps to the simple dining room with bare tables and a simple menu. We shared several small plates and enjoyed the clean flavors of things like razor clam ceviche, broccoli salad with a miso mayo dressing and spicy fried chicken. They have a nice selection of wines by the glass to pair with the spicy food.

We stayed an extra day after the conference to explore the shops on Madison and see what the new year has to offer in clothes and food. Look for everyone wearing crazy tennis shoes, and simple casual shoes with white soles, of course there are all those very high sexy high heel shoes for over $800, in every store.

We share a lovely lunch with friends at NELLO, 696 Madison, 212-980-9099. This beautiful restaurant adorned with branches of the first spring flowers was a lovely way to relax and dine instead of eat. I enjoyed the shaved baby artichoke salad with just the right amount of lemon dressing and slivers of Parmesan cheese. The pasta dish with fresh shaved black truffles looked and smelled like Italy. We had amazing white burgundy to top off the experience and left the restaurant thinking we needed a nap.

The last night in NY was a true contrast to our lunch. We invited a couple of true foodies to join us for dinner at ESTELA, 47 E. Houston Street. Estella is a very small restaurant up a short flight of steps. When you enter you will be greeted by loud excited chatter in a room holding about 50 guests. The long bar runs half the length of the restaurant with little room to move past all the happy customers crowded onto the bar stools. We were seated at a small table and given the one sheet of interesting dishes to choose what we wanted to share for dinner. We had a hard time eliminating any of them so with a consensus and the help of our attentive server we settled on 7 dishes each one better than the next. The textures, seasonings, flavors and combinations of each was perfect. We loved the azzoz negro, the fluke ceviche, endive salad with anchovy dressing and topping of toasted walnuts, toasted bread crumbs and small bits of cheese, the lamb ribs fell of the one and the simple crunch on the top was delicious.

Always fun to spend a few days in any major city around the world with friends that love food and the adventure of discovery. Pick a new city and just go for 3 or 4 days it really makes you want to go home and try your hand at cooking something new.

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Every other year our ski group of 9 friends ventures from our home ski base, Sun Valley, to a new area. On the off year we explore a U. S. Ski resort that we have not been to before. This year it was Telluride in Colorado. Telluride is surrounded by high peaks and sits in a closed valley that in the late 1800’s was an old mining town. We flew into the town of Montros about an hour and half from Telluride. We were pickup up by a large van, use Mountain Limo 1888-564-6894, our driver Jerry was great and took us to our hotel in the village above the old town of Telluride. We checked into hotel “Madeline”, and headed out to rent our skies. The hotel is nice, clean rooms but in need of more attention to details. They directed us to the ski shop they use called NEVE, helpful, but not the best equipment most of the skies were a couple years old. The skies were sent to the hotels ski room and the next morning everything was ready for us.

The first night we had dinner at a restaurant called “ALPINO VINO” a small cabin high up on the mountain reached by first a gondola ride then you board a snow cat for a 25 minute ride to the front door. Alpino is a small log house, there is a set menu either with wine paring or you can choose your own wine from an extensive list of very high price wines. Plan on about $300 per person if you choose your own wines, more if you do the pairing. Lovely 5 course meal beautifully prepared and served a fun way to start your visit to Telluride.

Since our hotel sits at 9,400 feet several of the group could feel the altitude especially the next day as we ventured out under blue skies to ski in a foot of new snow. We hired mountain guides and they were the best. Marti Martin-Kunitz has been in Telluride since 1976 and was amazing, if you go contact her at ( or 1970-708-7072). Marti brought another guide Ken and they gave us the grand tour and made sure we all had an opportunity to find the best powder and ski the best runs. We stopped at Giuseppe’s for hot chocolate around 11 then continued to ski until 1 when Marti had reserved lunch on the mountain at Allred’s. This restaurant is a beautiful lodge feeling space serving lunch and dinner. Just a short gondola ride from our hotel. They have a large menu plus a nice soup and salad bar followed by a dessert bar. We skied until 4 then headed to the hotel jacuzzi and a nap. When you ski at 11,500 feet you can really feel the altitude.

You take a gondola from the upper village down into town where there are many good restaurants. We went down early to walk the Main Street, have a drink in the famous Sheridan Bar before our dinner at the Chop House, also located in the lobby of the Sheridan. The food was perfect and service great, the steaks were large and the restaurant was happy to let us share everything.

There are not many restaurants up in the village and the hotel had a very poor restaurant so breakfast was either at a little coffee shop, Starbucks with no seating or a long wait at the hotel. We did stay up by the hotel this one evening and went to a little Italian restaurant next to a pizza place. The food was fine and the owner was very attentive, however there were only 3 tables full so there was not a lot of energy in the place.

The next morning we were surprised to see another 11 inches of new snow over night. Telluride usually gets up to 300 inches of snow and this year they had been very light on snow all over the west. Lunch was at BON VIVANT, an outdoor pop up restaurant on the mountain. Open when weather permits. Dan is eating a mushroom soup with puff pastry on top, their signature dish.

That evening we headed back into town for a very fun dinner at a small bar/restaurant called THERE, a great place about the size of a trailer house. The owner, Jonny, was making drinks, serving small plates of food and describing what our group should order for dinner. Every dish we ordered seemed to be better than the next. We loved the mussels, the pad Thai dish was perfect with just the right amount of spice.

The next day skiing was not on new snow so we just cruised the mountain. Had lunch at a big place called The Peaks, good but not great and slow service. Since it was Valentine’s Day we went to a lovely upscale French restaurant called La Marmotte a couple blocks off the gondola in a very nice new feeling building. The food was lovely and they offered a beautiful cheese board at the end of the meal. The portions were very large and could be shared. I had a beautiful frisée salad and simple seared lamb tenderloin from the appetizer selection. Carl had the rack of lamb and it was way to much.

There is an airport in Telluride, but it is small and very few flights go in our out of the town. Seems all the planes use Montros for safety….. we had a Continue reading

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Trip to Brazil with friends

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