Quick trip to Kona, Hawaii 

We joined a group of friends at a private home on the grounds of The Mauna Kae resort. We only had 5 days to play and explore so we filled each day and evening with the next adventure. The first day we headed to the farmers market up by the old Parker Ranch. The local veggies, breads, bacon ,cookies, pies and jams filled our baskets and our minds with what we would prepare for lunch later that afternoon.  After a great day in the sun, reading and relaxing we cleaned up for our big night out. 

The Blue Dragon is an open air bar, restaurant and dance floor with local music in an area called Kawaihae, about 15 minutes from The Mauna Kae. The food was pretty basic, fish tacos, salads, grilled fish platters and an array of appetizers. They did have a couple of nice specials including a lovely Udon with fresh spot prawns. The crowd was a mix of local folks that come often to dance and tourists that come to watch. 

Th next day we did a walk to the area along the beach where the nature conservancies are working to save the many turtles. You will pass the house built by the late Paul Mitchelle with a true Balinese roof. Continue walking to the fresh water pools where the turtles are swimming when the tide is in and then head back out to the local beach as the tide begins to change.

That evening a local cater, Michael Bickers, m.bickers@icloud.com, 1808-990-2644, came to house and prepared a lovely Hawaiian dinner using local fish and vegetables.  A perfect way to end the day. Day three was spent on the white sand beach of Mauna Kae. They have some pretty good wave action on this beach, but that did not keep the people from swimming out to the the raft anchored in the bay. We made dinner at home with all the stuff gathered from the farmers market and the boys played dominos while we cleaned up. 
Some of the group played golf the next day at the Nanea Golf Club while the rest of us went swimming and took time to read our books, that is why we were there to begin with. Dinner was at a friends home that evening so we had no pressure to be creative. 

The home we were staying in was built by a doctor named Ray Lagger, but his real love was for the gardens he created using local plants. The house is 5 bedrooms, 5 1/2 bathrooms with a lovely open floor plan. The  pool has a water fall that cascades down hiding the hot tub set back in the stone walls. The other end of the curving pool hosts a wonderful swim up bar covered with a large palpa. The gardens give the property a wonderful cool refreshing feeling and rest from the dark lava that surrounds the area, plus a lovely view of the ocean beyond. 

The house is owned Sarah and Dave Woodward’s family and can be rented when they are not there. —–Contact Sarah direct at drawdoow5@aol.com for rental information, a great place for friends and family to share and you get the use of the Mauna Kea facilities. 

The guys went fishing one morning while we did a hike to the local hidden beaches along the ocean front. They did not bring back our dinner so we went out to the Nanea  Golf Club for a wonderful dinner and view across the golf course to the ocean beyond and sunset. 

Thank you for a wonderful time in a beautiful part of the world shard with friends.


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