Great Dumplings

Din Tai Fung dumpling House in Seattle, Washington

The wait is worth the time. Last week I had the opportunity to have lunch at the new dumpling house in Bellevue, Washington. Din Tai Fung is famous in Asia but new to the United States. The first location was in L.A.  and  now with the energy of David Yang Wasielewski we are blessed with the true dumpling and noodles not before seen in this area.

Each dumpling is hand made by a team of trained masters. As you approach the restaurant you see more than 20 men making each dumpling by hand. Each piece of dough is made fresh, cut and then assembled with a different filling. The real trick is the small bit of liquid that bursts in your mouth when you take the first bite.

The dumplings arrive at your table steaming hot, you mix the black vinegar, soy sauce and fresh grated ginger, then a quick dip of the dumpling and you are ready for the first taste. something you will remember always. Your waiter will take the dumplings and warm them if you let them cool as you try the many other offerings.

The seaweed and thin slices of tofu salad is a must. There are many noodle offerings each with a rich broth and fresh made noodles. Don’t miss the greenbeans  or other fresh vegetables, along with perfect steamed hum bow.

You will leave with a great memory of each perfect taste and already be planning for your return., phone number is 425 698-1095 , across from Bellevue Square on the second floor next to the sky bridge from the Hyatt Hotel.



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