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4 Days in Maine

I have always wanted to make a fast trip to Maine to just eat lobster. Living on the west coast we have a lot of seafood but the lobster is not one that is available on demand.

Last Sunday we flew to Boston and spent the night with friends and started with a fun dinner at “Legal Seafood” on State Street, we had the basic friend clams, friend onion rings and good sweet 1 1/2 pound lobsters.

Monday after coffee we headed north into Lobster land. first stop was lunch at a place called “Brown’s” in Seabrook.

The lobster is in water tanks and you choose the one that you want. Mine was 3 pounds, $10 a pound, and so while we waited for the lobsters to be cooked Carl ran next door to buy a bottle of wine ,$12.00, and we ordered a pile of steamed clams.

The lobsters were great and the beginning of many more to come.

We continued driving north to York Harbor and checked into a great hotel out on the bluff called “Stageneck Inn, That evening we drove to the next town, Ogunquit to have dinner at a local place called ‘MC’s” we had a nice salad, crab cakes, fresh oysters and of course their version of lobster. The chefs also own another place called ARROW which is more upscale.

Next day after a nice breakfast we headed out to explore the towns along the coast. We drove up to Bath and found a small place on the river to have our first lobster roll. Served in a warmed hot dog bun with a nice mix of mayo and chopped celery this simple local sandwich was fine to hold us over until we had dinner.

After a short stroll around the hotel grounds and a short nap we went to the next town, Kittery and found a place called Bob’s, the local lobster joint. They also own a place across the street, Robert’s Maine Grill with a full bar and nice salad so we ordered our last lobster dinner since we we heading home the next day.

We stopped at the headquarters of Stone Wall Kitchens and walked through their gardens and toured their cooking school. If you are in the area of York Harbor it is worth the stop. We have carried their products at Sur La Table for years and  they are always  perfect for every use, sweet or savory.



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