Time in Normandy 9/5/10

Last week I took the train from Paris to an area close to Normandy, city called Alencon. We took the train to Le Mans then rented a car and drove to the most beautiful chateau close to Alencon in a village called St. Patern.

The chateau is called “Chateau de St. Paterne and you can go on their web side at www.chateau-saintpaterne.com. The chateau is owned by Charles Henry and Segolene de Valbray, they live in the chateau with their children and 2 dogs. The chateau has been in their family for hundreds of years and now has been restored the the grandure that it once held when it was a hideaway for Henry IV. Each room has the charm of  years past with all the up to date luxeries of today.

Dinner was served each night in the dining room by the glow of candlelight. the in house chef prepared a wonderful meal including a cheese course with the finest cheeses of France.

The chateau is about 1 hour 20 minutes from the cost of Normandy and with the new freeway it was an easy drive. We left after a perfect French breakfast and spent the day visiting the cost of Normandy and the new visitors center where there are over 9,000 men and women laid to rest .

The entire coast line from the cliffs to the Sword beach ,where the English landed, has been preserved in a very beautiful way.  I would recommend this trip to everyone sometime and be sure to stay at least one night at Chateau de St. Paterne.


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