Amsterdam 9/2/10

I just returned from taking my mother to Amsterdam for a few days and then on to France. While in Amsterdam we did the museums which have been reopened after renovation.

You realize that you do not go to Amsterdam for the food but much more for the energy of a city that really does depend on getting around by bike, train and buses or water taxi.

We ate mussels and fries, which at this time of year is a must. One night we had Indian food at a local neighborhood place, nothing to write home about but a good change.

We stayed at a nice hotel that I would recommend, The Grand Hotel Amrath, located close to the train station and with in easy waling distance of everything. The hotel has been redone and so the rooms were large, clean and had great bathrooms all for $160 for a double.


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  1. Debbie Niemitalo Aho

    I have enjoyed looking at your website. You have done amazing things. I was tickled to see the photo of you with your wonderful mother (my dear friend) in Amsterdam. I read about you in the kitchen when you were a child and I have the best Christmas memories of being in that house and eating delicious food in that eclectic home. I think the new one is lovely too. You are something!

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