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We have planted over 36 tomatoes this season and now since we have no sunshine we have had the tomato water walls around the plants. We will take them off tomorrow. The tomatoes have been protected for over a month.


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New in Seattle

Sitka and Spruce has a new home and today a friend and I had lunch at their restaurant.

The new Melrose market is located at 1531 Melrose Ave. inside this new space Sitka and Spruce are sharing space with a wonderful artisan cheese shop, The Calf &Kid , organic flowers and perfect fresh vegetables from a local farm owned by Katherine Anderson and her family.

They also are featuring a local meat market with an in house butcher. He was making the most perfect sausages as we watched. There is still more to come, a wine bar and sandwich shop to open soon.

Lunch at Sitka and Spruce was so perfect it is about eating local in every way. This is why things taste so good when they are fresh and preparation is simple.

They give you a menu and allow you to go to the fresh counter and look at each offering. We loved every bite and the serving sizes were plenty to share.

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Luc New Restaurant in Madison Valley, Seattle, Washington

Last night we had the opportunity to have dinner at “Luc”, Thierry Rautureau and his wife Kathy’s new restaurant . The resturant is located next to their famous restaurant, Rovers, 2800 East Madison St., Seattle.

It was so much fun to sit in a neighborhood restaurant and enjoy food that reminds you of a visit to France. Thierry has been in the neighborhood for years so he knows the customer and what they wanted in a more casual setting. Luc is open from 4 pm to midnight so before or after any event in Seattle this will become the place to stop.

They do take reservations but walk- ins are welcome. Plus there is a great bar to gather around while you wait for a table. The flowers were such a treat and as each dish arrived we were reminded of the foods of France that Thierry grew up eating.

Starting with the chicken liver pate, and souffled fried potatoes, not easiely found in the U.S., just wet our appetite for all the special things we shared asn the main courses arrived. Try the roasted chicken, only on Monday nights, and several sides dishes to top it off. We also had to have a great pork chop and of course the beautiful halibut.  the wine list is well thought out with selections from France and the northwest. Plus there is a carafe of white or red that is a great way to start the evening when you are sharing wine.

Luc is a must, no matter what time of day or night you choose to stop in.

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