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Moroccan spice

I tried a new Moroccan spice mix from Dulcet and I loved it on fish.
go to It is a rub that really captures the flavors of Morocco.
I also really like the package it comes in.
I always make my own mix for the tagine but will try it on a lamb tagin soon.


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Dinner in Miami

Last week on our way to sail with friends in the Caribbean we had a stop overnight in Miami. A friend suggested a great restaurant called:
Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink
If you get to Miami and want a fun place with great food be sure to go to Michael’s.
We had perfect frogs legs for a starter, home made potato chips with onion dip and fried pig ears.
The pig ear salad was so good, the ears were cut into fine strips and fried crisp mixed with greens and tossed with a perfect tart dressing.
The Bacon, lettuce and tomato salad was so fun. It was an arranged salad with a nice thin slice of blue cheese laying over the lettuce, a think slice of bacon and 4 slices of a ripe tomato. ( for someone from Seattle the ripe tomato in Feb. ) need I say more.
Just Go if you get a chance you will hear more about this hot spot.

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Skiing in Austria

We just had a great week of skiing in Austria. We stayed in Lech and skied in all the other resorts with in 20 miles. Loved our day on the hills of St. Anton.
We stayed in the hotel “der Berghof” for a week. Loved the spa good massage and even had a facial after a tough day on the hills.
Fondue dinner one night in next village of Zug. The restaurant “Rote Wand” was in a 300 year old building. Great wine list and we shared both meat and cheese fondue.
Ski Austria in your life it was so grand.

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