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Thoughts on ‘Memorable Recipes’

A Note From A Friend About The Book!
Wanted to let you know I’m having a HEYDAY with your cookbook! I
tried 3 of your soups this week since Dan’s favorite dishes are soups.

First I made the Zippy Gazpacho and needless to say, everyone adored
it. Sooo refreshing and yummy in this heat-wavish summer.

Dan’s favorite soup in the world is corn chowder. He calls it his
comfort food (which he needs trading the market these days). So, the
next night, I made your Corn Chowder with Roasted Peppers and it came
out yummmmmy! Dan loved it! The only difference is that I used fire-
roasted chicken sausages chopped up instead of bacon (forgot to buy
that at the market).

Then…the next night, I made the Asian Spinach Soup with Shrimp. Oh
my! That was a true winner. Dan ate 3 bowlfuls! Audrey and her
friend also loved it and finished up the pot of soup that night.

This might be boring you, but I kept on going….
So, yesterday i prepared the Minty Meatballs with the Radish and
Fennel Salad and invited Chris and Alex over. Everyone ranted and
raved at how good everything tasted! I doubled the portions thinking
we’d have leftovers, but Chris’s mom showed up (coming down for the
birth) and along with everyone, finished off the entire dinner.

This is so exciting! I’ve never enjoyed cooking everyday as I’m doing
or using one cookbook as my guide. I love your recipes and enjoy
imagining you explaining everything as I read the recipes! 🙂
Just thought I’d tell you….



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We are in Sun Valley spending time hiking,fishing and of course sharing great meals with friends from around the country. Last week I created a huge Spanish dinner for a friends birthday. I used my cookbook “Memorable Recipes” for many of the dishes like the gazpacho, marinaded mushrooms and two paellas. I also served Joanne Weir’s hand pies, recipe on this site. I made the hand pies the day before and froze them on baking sheets. Pop in the oven frozen and bake an extra 10 minutes. I did two new tapas out of Jose Andres book and they were a great hit. Small red potatoes boiled in 1 1/2 cups of salt until easy to pierce with toothpick. Drain, cover with towel until potatoes begin to wrinkle. Serve with garlicky dipping sauce. I will post the recipe later. They were great.

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To much zucchini — —-

I have been busy in the garden with all the zucchini and peas I have been making fritters I have posted the recipe below so I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Zucchini Fritters with Fresh Herbs Recipe >


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