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Napa Valley

Last weekend we went to Napa Valley and the region of St. Helena. We shared time at a friends home eating, tasting wines and sharing thoughts about life and the wines we were tasting.

A visit to a winery called “Pride” was a special surprise for me. Located on the stop of Spring Mountain the grapes tend to ripen a bit slower than on the valley floor. The wines we tasted were strong in flavor and smooth in the taste as they touched the back of your mouth.  A special favorite was the Viognier and the Vintner Select Merlot. Get on the wine list and receive information about buying direct, www.pridewines.com, I promise you will enjoy each bottle.

Over dinner our group shared the table with two wonderful wine makers. Napa Valley brought us Duckhorn and Woodard Canyon came from Walla Walla, Wash.

We were surprised how similar the wines were. The Bordeaux Verietals, Merlot and the Cabernet Savignon were poured together and tasted side by side. Even though the grapes were grown thousands of miles apart the fruit produced many similarities in the final bottles of wine.



Next time you are in San Francisco take time out to go to one of the best Indian restaurants in the region. Dosa on Fillmore  is a special experience. The offering are from the southern regions of India where the dosa, a crisp savory pancake, is a staple in every meal.

This restaurant was an A+!


1700 Fillmore @ Post
San Francisco   415-411-3672


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